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Green Life Construction


Greenlife is a complete concept design and build company, offering every phase of construction in the scope of landscaping. From a unique design that fits your needs, to quality craftmanship in hardscape and softscape. Greenlife's goal is your complete satisfaction. We attain this by supervising all phases of construction with your feedback. Greenlife is a licensed, bonded and insured company.

Our company is built for the person who looks at their yard as an extension of their home and truly understands the value of time well spent. Most of us lead busy lives, so when the time comes to relax or entertain, it should be done in a place you truly enjoy being. Our homes are out sanctuaries and our outdoor living/landscaping should reflect the same energy, if not more.

Our enduring purpose is to create an outdoor environment that truly enriches our lives. What makes our job so fulfilling is that each and every project is unique. We all have our own individual preferences, so different design styles, materials, and elements appeal to us accordingly. Making each and every project the best that it can be for every client is our core value.

With a name like Greenlife, of course we are extremely motivated to do our part for the environment. We are extremely aware of the effects of our actions and make sure we recycle as much as possible. To ensure less material enters our landfills, all concrete and lumber debris from our sites are recycled. All soil and plant material is brought to our site for composting. We install low flow water saving conservation irrigation systems and design/ install CA native sustainable landscapes. We only use organic compost/native soil and encourage our clients to use lumber from protected farms or synthetic materials from recycled products. We are currently working with friends in tree care, stone wholesalers, and metal fabricators to take materials they would be throwing away and combining that with our craftsmanship and artistry, to create our own "green" outdoor patio furniture.

Once our construction is complete, we offer a customized maintenance program for our clients who simply do not have the time, but want their landscape to remain in good hands. Our service is very different from the typical "mow and blow" services. Our service is customized to our client’s specific yard/garden requirements. Some of the services include: proper pruning, organic fertilization, irrigation system maintenance to ensure efficient/proper operation, low voltage lighting maintenance, soil amendments and mulching, power washing stone/concrete patios and periodic sealing, redwood staining, and periodic outdoor kitchen appliance cleaning.

We are people who enjoy being outdoors and are a company built for people who appreciate the same. Whether for privacy, meditation, relaxation, entertaining or all of the above we want the construction process to be a rewarding experience from start to finish. Quality communication plays a big role in that process as well as attention to detail. These qualities, along with fine craftsmanship are what you should expect when working with Greenlife.