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Once you have familiarized yourself with different landscaping materials and ideas, you are ready to begin planning.

Where are you in respect to planning your project? Not everyone starts in the same place, so here are some classifications on how to begin based on what stage of planning  you are at. See if you fall into one of these categories...

  • You have a good idea of what you want, just need a little help putting it all together. You know you want a patio here, a bbq there, a pergola, sod, sprinklers and some plants. At this stage you still may want to work with a designer to fine tune things, and get some professional advice, but with a little creativity, an estimate can be made rather quickly.
  • You have already worked with an architect or designer, and are ready to get an estimate. Simply contact us and we can meet, pick up and review a copy of your plans, and provide you with an estimate as quickly as possible.
  • You know you want to work with a professional landscape architect/designer that you feel comfortable working with and understands what you want to achieve with your project. Contact us and we arrange an appointment to discuss the design process and your project started on the right note.
  • You know exactly what you want, maybe some suggestions on materials, but you know what you want. You may have already drawn something yourself, but it is clear you don't need to work with a designer to tell you what you want. If this is the case, then we can simply take some measurements and provide you with an estimate.
  • You know you want work done, but have no idea where to begin. You don't know pavers from flagstone and the terms evergreen and deciduous are like a foreign language. For this person, don't waste time getting estimates, you need to work with a landscape architect or designer. They will help combine your wish lists and their experience into a complete blueprint. Once you are happy with the blueprint, it's time to get an estimate.

It does not matter where you start, what matters is where you finish and how you got there. From planning, to construction, to completion, Greenlife will will ensure that your project will be a rewarding experience of a lifetime.

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It is extremely important that you identify and use the right contractor to ensure your investment in a quality landscape. A good choice will reward you for years to come. When choosing the contractor, make sure the people you talk to will be on the jobsite until it is finished. You should feel comfortable they will treat your property with respect. Beware of the bidding war and always remember you will get what you pay for. Seemingly, low bids can be built up when materials, structural construction, craftmanship and design are compromised. If these items along with customer service, prompt construction and an itemized proposal are important to you, consider Greenlife as your contractor.

The following construction information is a standard of Greenlife's and should be for you as well to ensure your investment for years to come.

Grading and Drains

ConstructionProper inlet locations and proper grading are of the utmost importance. Planting areas must be drained away from all structures by a minimum 2% slope. Hardscape areas should have a minimum of 1% slope away from the structure towards the drain. Improper drainage can result in water damage to the structure or to the concrete slab.

Irrigation System

ConstructionIt is important that the main line is installed at the proper depth, using the proper class of PVC pipe and correct city and county inspections. It is extremely important the right size of pipe is used down each side of the property. The pipe should be Schedule 40 and is the only pipe used by Greenlife. Less expensive piping can deteriorate and cause problems in the future.



Masonry and Hardscape

Construction Ensure that structural items connected to your job are completed in an exceptional manner. Wall footings should be large enough and contain the right amount of steel; digs are made on all outside edges of slabs to prevent water seepage. The proper preparation and steel rebars are imperative to help prevent future cracks. Greenlife uses Class II baserock or sand at least two inches thick and number 3 steel rebar at 24 inches on center in each direction applied. We also use concrete six sacks mix and footing mixes go to 3,000 PSI. By taking these precautions, the risk of cracks will be greatly reduced.

Plant Material

ConstructionThe selection of the right specimens and location of plant material is an essential factor for design and maintenance. Each area has its own unique requirements for soil preparation. Greenlife rototills all areas with the highest quality super humus compost, which has high organic nutrients for optimum growth. In special gardens, lawn areas and planters, we combine 60% screened soil with soil conditioners including tillo, sand, super humus and red fines. Vegetable gardens and flower beds are blended with chicken manure and rice hulls.

Mulching is essential to retain moisture and prevent erosion. We use a variety of mulches for different purposes: small and medium bark, shredded redwood bark, cedar shredded bark, fir humus and ground wood pellets.